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Nirvana Live at the Paramount (Blu-ray)* на Blu-ray

Артикул: 85034
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Тип дискаBlu-ray
Упаковкапластиковый бокс
ЯзыкАнглийский DTS-HD MA 5.1, Английский LPCM 2.0, Английский LPCM 5.1
ЖанрBlu-ray disc, Музыка, Западные исполнители
Выпуск этого диска приурочен к 20-летию альбома « Nevermind». Легендарный концерт был записан в родном городе группы, в Сиэтле, 31 октября 1991 года, запечатлив их на ранних стадиях восхождения, впоследствии ставшими одной из самых значимых групп своего поколения.

Transferred from 16mm film and multi-track audio, is the only known Nirvana concert shot to film. Invigorated off the activity presently comely the seminal album of a reproduction, Nirvana took to the traveling of Seattle's famous Preponderant Building to an unwavering homecoming assemble time on the route in backing of Nevermind. Actuation the cardinal strain set with a impressive adjoin Word Doesn't Require Me For A Beam," the jewellery cranks out their soon-to-be iconic songs "Smells Like Immature Tone," "Metal" and "Couple," piece delivering early fan favorites "Train," "Bed Bombination" and "Some A Miss." The Paramount concert is the exclusive pretence e'er comment of the banding on 16mm wrapping and has been transferred to an improbably careful 1080p gearshow. Mixed in 5.1 surround vocalize from the unconventional multi-tracks.

01. Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam
02. Aneurysm
03. Drain You
04. School
05. Floyd The Barber
06. Smells Like Teen Spirit
07. About A Girl
08. Polly
09. Breed
10. Sliver
11. Love Buzz
12. Lithium
13. Been A Son
14. Negative Creep
15. On A Plain
16. Blew
17. Rape Me
18. Territorial Pissings
19. Endless, Nameless
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