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The Very Best of Sheryl Crow - The Videos / Mary J Blige Live in los Angeles / Shania Twain - The Platinum Collection / Alanis Morissette Live in the на DVD

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120 Р
РежиссерSheryl Crow / Mary J Blige / Shania Twain / Alanis Morissette
В ролях
Тип дискаDVD
Упаковкане определен
Sheryl Crow The Very Best of
1. All I Wanna Do
2. Soak Up The Sun
3. My Favorite Mistake
4. Everday Is A Winding Road
5. Leaving Las Vegas
6. Strong Enough
7. If It Makes You Happy
8. Steve McQueen
9. A Change Would Do You Good
10. Home
11. There Goes The Neighborhood
12. Run Baby Run
13. Anything But Down
Mary J Blige Live in los Angeles
You Remind Me Remix
You Don't Have To Worry
Real Love
Be Happy
Love No Limit
My Love
I'm The Only Woman
I Can Love You
Message In Our Music
Children Of The Ghetto
My Life
Your Child
The Love I Never Had
Not Gon' Cry
It's A Wrap
Love and Life
No More Drama
Love @ 1st Sight
(You Are) Everything
Family Affair
We Are Family
Shania Twain - The Platinum Collection
1. What Made You Say That
2. Dance With The One That Brought You
3. You Lay A Whole Lotta Love On Me
4. Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under
5. Any Man Of Mine
6. The Woman In Me
7. I'm Outta Here
8. You Win My Love
9. No One Needs To Know
10. Home Ain't Where His Heart Is
11. God Bless The Child
12. Love Gets Me Every Time
13. Don't Be Stupid
14. You're Still The One
15. Honey, I'm Home
16. From This Moment On
17. That Don't Impress Me Much
18. Man! I Feel Like A Woman!
19. You've Got A Way
20. Come On Over
21. Rock This Country
Alanis Morissette Live in the Navajo Nation
1. Baba
2. That I Would Be Good
3. No Pressure Over Cappuccino
4. U R
5. Heart of the House
6. Your House
7. I Was Hoping
8. Uninvited
9. Ironic
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