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Status Quo - Live Legends на DVD (Status Quo - Live Legends)

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120 Р
РежиссерStatus Quo
В ролях
Тип дискаDVD
Упаковкане определен
A Celebration Of 25 Rockin' Years!

It was, without doubt, the party of the year. A triumphant celebration of twenty-five glorious years of Status Quo - held back at the venue where it all began, Butlin's in the English town of Minehead.

The summer season of 1965 found key members Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt playing in separate bands at Sir Billy Butlin's infamous camp. A friendship was formed and a legend was born. Twenty-five years on, 100 million record sales later and with an unequalled 42 British hit singles under their belt; Status Quo celebrated their massive achievements with typical mischievous style and humor.

Anniversary Waltz is a stunning documentary record of the events of the October 10th, 1990 milestone. Never to be repeated film of Quo playing all the classics we know and love on a small club stage is intermingled with rare vintage footage. There are exclusive interviews with Parfitt and Francis Rossi and many of the media guests who were taken to Butlin's on board a private train, The Quo Express. Celebrities as diverse as Vicki Michelle, Chris Tarrant and Alan Freeman reveal why Status Quo hold a special place in their affections. There's also a year-by-year rundown on Quo's eventful landmarks, which includes unusual and major world events from each annum.

Anniversary Waltz is an intimate insiders view of a unique day seen live by less than 2,000 lucky ticket holders. This is your chance to join in the celebrations - Here's to the next twenty five years!
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