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Kylie Minogue - Live In Sydney на DVD (Kylie Minogue)

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120 Р
РежиссерKylie Minogue
В ролях
Тип дискаDVD
Упаковкане определен
Kylie Minogue concludes her 2001 On a Night Like This tour with an unashamed pop extravaganza on home ground in Sydney, performing to a huge audience that consists of more adults than teenagers. Kylie has undoubtedly matured over the years, too, and - apart from a brief stint believing she could become a "serious" artist - appears perfectly happy in her role as the Princess of Pop. The joy of Kylie is that she has become all things to all people, offered up in a perfectly petite package: for women it's all about adulation; the men are offered a fantasy figure; and she simultaneously manages to be a gay icon without becoming overtly camp. It's clear that the years of work as a performer have paid off - her vocals are much stronger and more professional, and to demonstrate she performs two old favorites, "I Should Be So Lucky" and "Better the Devil You Know," as serious pieces. In true showstopping style, we're offered a multitude of costume changes: from hot-pant mania to refined suits and rock-chick leather, Kylie inevitably appears looking great.

Love Boat
Hand on Your Heart
Put Yourself in My Place
On A Night Like This

Step Back In Time
Never Too Late
Wouldn't Change a Thing
Turn It Into Love

Can't Get You Out of My Head
Your Disco Needs You
I Should Be So Lucky
Better the Devil You Know
So Now Goodbye
Confide in Me
Light Years
What Do I Haveto Do
Spinning Around

Promo video for "Spinning Around"
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