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Judas Priest Electric Eye на DVD (Judas Priest)

Артикул: 63790
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РежиссерJudas Priest
В ролях
Тип дискаDVD
Упаковкаупаковка из картона
ЯзыкPCM2.0, DD5.1
ЖанрМузыка, Западные исполнители
Throughout the 1980s, few bands were as successful-both musically and visually-as Judas Priest. Combining huge albums with huge stage shows and unforgettable videos, Priest set the standard for hard rock and heavy metal showmanship. Now, Columbia/Legacy is proud to present the definitive DVD from Judas Priest, Electric Eye. Chock full of classic videos, TV performances and the entire priest...Live! video, this is the ultimate Judas Priest fan experience.

Living After Midnight
Breaking The Law
Don't Go
Heading Out To The Highway
Hot Rockin'
You've Got Another Thing Comin'
Freewheel Burnin'
Love Bites
Locked In
Turbo Lover
Johnny B Goode
A Touch Of Evil

Filmed in Dallas, Texas during the 1986 Fuel For Life Tour:
Out In The Cold
Locked In
Heading Out To the Highway
Breaking The Law
Love Bites
Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
Private Property
Desert Plains
Rock You All Around The World
Hellion/Electric Eye
Turbo Lover
Freewheel Burnin'
Green Manalishi
Parental Guidance
Living After Midnight
You've Got Another Thing Comin'
Hell Bent For Leather
Metal Gods

BBC Performances
Rocka Rolla-Old Grey Whistle Test, 25/4/75
Dreamer Deceiver-Old Grey Whistle Test, 25/4/75
Freewheel Burnin'-Old Grey Whistle Test, 20/01/84
Evening Star-Top Of The Pops, 17/5/79
Living After Midnight-Top Of The Pops, 27/3/80
United-Top Of The Pops, 28/8/80 Дополнительные материалы
R2, DVD9, PAL, 4:3
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