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Peter Gabriel Secret World Live (Blu-ray)* на Blu-ray

Артикул: 114153
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Тип дискаBlu-ray
Упаковкапластиковый бокс
ЯзыкLPCM 2.0, DTS-HD MA 5.1
ЖанрBlu-ray disc, Музыка, Западные исполнители
Peter Gabriel's extraordinary mix of sound, visuals, and theatrics gets the widescreen digital treatment in this remixed and remastered edition of a 105-minute concert recorded in 1994 in Italy. But not without some controversy, it seems, as several viewers have protested that the new version contains some not-so-deft lip-syncing with poor visual quality.

Songs Include:
1. Come Talk To Me
2. Steam
3. Across the River
4. Slow Marimbas
5. Shaking the Tree
6. Blood of Eden
7. San Jacinto
8. Kiss That Frog
9. Washing of the Water
10. Solsbury Hill
11. Digging in the Dirt
12. Sledgehammer
13. Secret World
14. Don't Give Up
15. In Your Eyes

- Timelapse Film of the Stage Set up in Berlin, Germany
- The Making of Peter Gabriel's Secret World Live Film Which Includes Exclusive Video Interviews and Behind the Scenes Footage
- Bonus Track: Remixed Quiet Version of Steam With Photo Montage From the Tour
- A Film Taster of Peter Gabriel's Growing Up Tour
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